ANZ goes Apple Pay, but will it matter for Aussie consumers?

ANZ made headlines for itself recently by becoming the first of the “big” banks to officially start offering Apple Pay for its customers. It’s not the first in Australia officially — that plaudit officially goes to American Express, who launched… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-05-02

Is Telstra’s Air network a victim of mobile success?

If you move around with a laptop to any appreciable degree — whether it’s a function of your work, or just a laptop you’re taking on holiday in order to more easily send photos home — you’ve probably come across… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-04-26

It’s time to abandon QuickTime for Windows

With Apple refusing to update its QuickTime software for Windows, despite known security flaws, it’s time to uninstall the stalwart media player from your PC. For a long time Apple’s QuickTime was the de facto standard when it came to… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-04-22

Is it finally the year of virtual reality for your business?

As retail giant IKEA invites customers to explore their dream kitchen in virtual reality, is it time for your business to engage customers in the virtual realm? The year of virtual reality (VR) has been a long time coming but… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-04-21

Will a hybrid laptop make you happy?

There’s a new crop of hybrid productivity devices on the market right now. All of them come in premium styles with premium prices to match, promising to offer the best of a tablet for simple content consumption style activities, whether… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-04-18
Passione per la musica

The curious digital copyright conundrum

A friend of mine commented to me the other day that he’d just gotten around to ripping all of his CDs to digital Mp3 files for convenience — after all, once in that format you can play them on a… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-04-11
Globalization of fiber optics

What is NBN’s new Fibre to the Distribution Point?

The NBN is trialling new FttDP broadband technology, designed to boost download speeds while reducing installation costs and rollout times, but it’s unlikely to push aside Fibre to the Node anytime soon. The original National Broadband Network relied on Fibre… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-04-05

High-tech greeters offer more than a smile

Rather than just welcoming people to your store, front door greeters armed with mobile credit card readers can happily process payments and send satisfied customers on their way. Store greeters have become a common sight in Australia over the last… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-04-06

Will in-car Wi-Fi become the next big thing?

During the week, Optus announced an exclusive deal with sharing-economy darling (unless you work in the taxi industry) Uber that will see Optus 4G Wi-Fi hotspots placed in 100 Uber vehicles in Sydney and Melbourne before wider rollout to other… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-04-04

iPad Pro: Maybe great, but not green

Kermit the Frog famously sang that it wasn’t easy being green. It’s a well known song, and one that, many years ago, Apple even used in one of its advertising campaigns for the original models of iMac computer — predictably,… Continue reading →

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Last Updated:2016-03-29